The Nordic & The Nordic Culture Fund has founded this project called ´Stories From The North`. Here young people from Denmark, Iceland and Norway share digital stories about life, identity, small and big things that they think of.

Branding is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. The vision of our project ´Stories from the North` is to let young people create, share & tell life stories through NordicStorytelling Labs and an online digital storytelling platform.
Our goal is to create a Nordic Digital Storytelling Platform for authentic personal stories told by young and old people from Denmark, Norway & Iceland.

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The NordicsThe
purpose of the project is due to a desire for cultural exchange and retention, and thus this process opens up for a positive development of a common Nordic self-understanding. When we through Digital Storytelling ask young people in outskirts to reflect on their own close culture, we initiate an identity-creating process where each participant gets the opportunity and space to look at the everyday environments often overlooked in their truism. When opened for this kind of self-reflection, there is also an enriched basis for reflection on other cultures and an ability to see the interpersonal similarities found among all cultures, wherever they may be. In this project we have chosen a Nordic focus based on curiosity, but also on a common Nordic self-perception that we wish to preserve and enrich. Not to distance ourselves from the rest of the world, but just as part of a broad identity base. One of the many communities that modern people feel attached to.

Thus, the purpose of the project is to spread a common understanding and recognition, thus contributing to a positive movement which, in the long term, creates a stronger positive perception of Nordicculture. The project itself will open up several cooperatives across the north. The partners participating in the project will get to know each other better, and this will certainly form the basis for further collaborations, but also the participants in the project will, through their sharing of personal stories, have the opportunity to find communities across the north that Will provide a rich basis for further

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The Fund contributes to positive artistic and cultural development in the Nordic Region by promoting co-operation between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. It does so by gathering knowledge and information, building networks and providing financial support.

The Fund was established in 1966, based on an agreement between all of the Nordic countries. It currently has a budget of DKK 36 million, the majority of which is awarded in the form of grants to projects in the Nordic Region and beyond. In recent years, the Fund has also evolved into an active participant in and facilitator of networks, the aim of which is to support the development of cultural policy in the Nordic Region.

The Nordic Culture Fund’s grants are financed from the budget of the Nordic Council Ministers which is approved by the Nordic Council. The Fund is therefore a part of the official Nordic collaboration. The Nordic Culture Fund has according to its agreement also possibility to receive other funds for its purposes. In connection with allocation of puls funding The Fund has received funds from Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture, MES (Finnish Music Foundation) and Statens Kunstfond in Denmark.

Nordisk Kulturfond

I had a good time during the filmmaking and storytelling session.

– Participant from Denmark

Storytelling Connect People

We had a very inspiring workshop with Digital Storylab. It was hands on immediately.

– Participant from Denmark

A great experience

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