Digital Storylab is the only social economy companyspecializing in the DigitalStorytelling method in Denmark withleading expertise in the development, planning, implementation and production of digital stories. Since 2007, we have worked with authentic voices and digital storytelling in all aspects of organizations, institutions and communities through user involvement, media and film workshops as well as facilitator courses. Our projects focus primarily on empowerment of young people and developed in local communities and national campaigns for Nordic and European partnerships. We have worked with Aalborg University in Copenhagen and various municipalities and widespread digital storytelling in teaching environments. The primary target audience we are working with is children and adolescents. Our customers and partners are from primary schools, libraries, museums, youth prisons, housing associations to cultural institutions and municipalities. We are a network of 9 people who are project staff, freelancers as well as volunteers with backgrounds in learning, film and media, pedagogy, IT and project management.

We can contribute our 10 years of expertise and project-based work within the Digital Storytelling methodology and our own project experiences with young and European partnerships.

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The VidEO research center is studying the development and use of video conferencing and video-based production as reflection, knowledge sharing and creativity-enhancing tools. We have experience working in many types and types of organizations and educational contexts. The center is working on a pragmatic basis, where companies, researchers and students collaborate to understand, identify and create profitable ways to support collaboration, recognition and learning situations, mediated by digital video conferencing (such as meetings and project work, etc.) and video production. (such as digital storytelling, video sketching, animation stories, etc.). We work with design, action and practice research in partnership with our partners. The center is part of the laboratory for IT and Learning Design (ILD Lab), and is located at the Department of Learning and Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities, Aalborg University in Copenhagen. ILD-Lab specializes in IT on education, but also works with other actors and contexts. There are researches in new learning modes, multimodality and interaction in technology-intensive learning environments. The project includes Center Manager Rikke Ørngreen, Professor (MSO), and Birgitte Henningsen, Assistant Professor

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The Reykjavik Academy (RA) is a private nonprofit association based on independent researchers (estd 1997) who has devised a fairly unique environment for practicing various unrelated research in liberal arts, humanities and social sciences. During the last 15 years, RA has supported numerous activities such as scientific journals for the public, education and fiction, translations, documentary, publishing, presentation design and conference planning. Many work as teachers and instructors at different levels of education within the established school system, especially higher education. Scientific basic research within the framework of social sciences and humanities remains one of the main components of the organization.

RA has the capacity to accommodate up to 70 researchers and academics at a time and can offer different working environments such as shared or private office space and short or temporary access to library and community rooms. 3 of the RA staff members have been trained in the Digital Storytelling method in Copenhagen at Digital Storylab and have held workshops with young people as well as adults with special needs.

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For further information contact: Salvor Aradottir


World Wide Narrative was established in 2012 by Merete Grimeland and Therese Byhring. Merete is now running the company, and has employed a handful of young adults who wish to share their valuable stories for others to learn from. WWN has worked with several organisations and within the public sector to create awareness concerning important issues through digital storytelling.

The main goal with WWN´s digital storytelling method is to increase the children and youth´s feeling of self worth and to help them take ownership of their own stories. They want young people to gain more influence in matters that affect them and the overall aim is to make them feel that the stories they tell are of value and importance.

In addition, the storytellers know that their personal stories can be used to help others in similar situations, educate people that work within fields of relevance and those who has actual power to make changes. A lot of the young storytellers seem to be driven by the fact that they are in a position to help others by sharing their stories.

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Oslo University College and Akershus (HiOA) is Norway’s largest professional college with close proximity to the practice fields. Through the Media Division in Learning Center and library and several faculties, HiOA has been leading Norwegian higher education in implementing and researching digital storytelling for reflection, learning and dissemination. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers education at all levels, as well as year studies, further education and assignment education. The faculty has an active research environment. The education of child welfare teachers is at the Department of Social Sciences, with about 90 employees and approx. 1350 students represent the largest academic community in Norway within the social field. Since 2011, the students have participated in workshops where they reflect on experiences from practical periods through developing and sharing digital storytelling and systematic evaluation and further development of the methodology, which is documented in the master thesis of Elisabeth Arnesen. In this Nordic project, we will build on these experiences, also linked to former students who have taken their work out in their work with children and youth. In addition, the project will be linked to the international project “The Nightingale Project -mentoring program for students in social work and child welfare”. The project includes Professor Emerita at the Learning Center and Library, Grete Jamissen and contact person is college lecturer Elisabeth Arnesen from child welfare education education.

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Thanks to The Nordics and The Nordics Fund for funding of the project.