About the project

Branding is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. The vision of our project ´Stories from the North` is to let young people create, share & tell life stories through NordicStorytelling Labs and an online digital storytelling platform.
Our goal is to create a Nordic Digital Storytelling Platform for authentic personal stories told by young from Denmark, Norway & Iceland.

The project is called Stories from the North and has a mission to gather and preserve authentic stories of human life told and made by people from the Nordic Countries. The Project is founded by The Nordic  The Nordicsand The Nordic Culture FundNordisk Kulturfond

We make a difference by creating open Nordic Storytelling Labs in each country where young people are invited to join a workshop. The stories being produced by each participants will be shared on a digital storytelling platform which will open up for a conversation and start a dialogue around the stories being shared.

This new strategic storytelling platform will host digital stories from both the cities and also the outskirts and countryside of each country. By letting people share their stories about different subjects such as identity, culture, food, traditions, love, and favourite places it can tell a common Nordic story.

This space where all the autentic Nordics voices will be heard and shared. We will let people tell their own life story on a 2-3 days workshops where they create a 2-3 minutes small digital story.


A digital storytelling platform for authentic personal stories told by young people from the Nordic countries.
Partners: Digital Storylab (lead organisation); Faculty of IT & Design, Aalborg University; Reykjavík Academy; World Wide Narrative, Norway; Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.